Trump Campaign Blasts Biden’s Executive Order

Former President Donald Trump‘s 2024 campaign on Tuesday blasted President Joe Biden’s plan to limit the crossings of asylum seekers.

The president’s plan would shut down asylum requests at the southern border once the average daily encounters between ports of entry get to 2,500. The plan also includes reopening the border when the average daily encounters drops to 1500.

According to the Trump campaign, the executive order unveiled on Tuesday is nothing but “amnesty” for illegal immigrants.

In a statement posted on X, Trump campaign press secretary Karoline Leavitt said, “Let’s be clear — Joe Biden’s Executive Order is for amnesty, not border security.”

After importing more than 15 million illegal aliens into our country and releasing countless criminal migrants who have brutally raped and murdered our citizens, this new order will facilitate the release of more illegals as quickly as possible with a smartphone app. The order also exempts minors from any enforcement, giving a green light to child traffickers and sex traffickers,” she continued.

“If Joe Biden truly wanted to shut down the border, he could do so with a swipe of the same pen, but he never will because he is controlled by radical left Democrats who seek to destroy America. America. Biden’s illegal migrants are ravaging our Nation and have caused a crime wave in every state, as proven this week by the Venezuelan illegal criminal who gunned down two brave NYPD officers,” she added.

In conclusion, the statement read, “The border invasion and migrant crime will not stop until Crooked Joe Biden is deported from the White House.”

Biden signed the executive order having refuted calls for him to take executive action in order to address the illegal immigration crisis and in one fell swoop, stop the influx of fentanyl and human trafficking, which come with the illegal crossings.

Trump himself has called the president out on the executive order, deriding it as “weak” and “pathetic.”

“It will actually make the invasion worse, millions of people a year will continue to pour across our border and be released into our country and we recently learned Biden is secretly granting mass amnesty to hundreds of thousands of these illegal aliens along with welfare, government benefits, work permits, and jobs,” Trump said after Biden released the order.

The Republican presidential candidate went on to vow that if he is elected president in the November election, he will “seal the border, stop the invasion, and send Joe Biden’s illegal aliens back home” from his first day in office.

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