Trump: Biden’s Mental Health Is Worse Than His Physical

In a recent interview, former President Donald Trump expressed his worries about Joe Biden’s health issues, particularly regarding his mental acuity. 

Trump openly shared his uncertainties about Biden’s ability to make it to the general election next year, sparking speculation about the Democratic nominee’s future in the race.

When asked about a potential rematch against Biden in November 2024, he said, “I can only say probably.” 

He went on to cite instances where the incumbent president struggled with physical tasks, such as walking up a flight of stairs, leading him to question both the president’s physical and mental well-being.

“I mean, I watch him walking out of a helicopter. I watch him—just watch him. He can’t walk up a flight. He hasn’t gone down going down a flight but going up a flight he seems to have a problem. He can’t go up a flight of stairs. I think he’ll—I don’t know. Physically and mentally, I think his mental is worse than his physical if you want to know the truth.”

Despite the uncertainty surrounding Biden’s health, Trump remains resolute in his preparedness for the 2024 election, no matter who he faces in the general election. He acknowledges that other Democrats may consider challenging Biden, which could pose an interesting twist in the political landscape.

This newfound focus on Biden’s health marks a significant development in Trump’s approach to the issue. In the past, he had cautioned against joking about Biden’s health and avoided using it as a weapon, but it appears recent events have compelled him to address the issue head-on. 

Public concern over Biden’s physical health and mental acuity has been evident in polling, with a notable majority of Americans expressing worries about his ability to serve as president while his health issues have become more apparent in recent months, with several incidents garnering public attention. 

A fall on stage at the Air Force Academy in June and another while boarding Air Force One are some of the instances that have gained widespread attention. Biden’s tendency to trail off mid-speech and rely on aides for assistance as well as his slip of tongues have also raised concerns about his state of mind.

Aside from these visible health issues, Biden has faced other long-term health challenges. Reports confirm that he uses a CPAP machine for sleep apnea, and he had cancerous lesions removed from his chest earlier this year.

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