Transgender Murder Suspect Apprehended After Deadly Shootings

Murder Suspect

A transgender person with the same last name as two people killed during a shooting in Tooele County was arrested by police. The tragic crime has stunned the small community and left many wondering what led to Tuesday night’s double murder.

Authorities had been looking for 28-year-old Collin Troy Bailey since Tuesday night, when they were called to the scene of shots fired in a quiet suburban Washington County neighborhood. When officers went through the front door of an apartment, they found a man and woman inside who had been killed by gunshots. Police have yet to release the same of the two people killed, but said they shared a last name with the suspect.

After an initial inquiry, Bailey was identified as the only suspect in that case. Bailey was described by police as a “transgender male transitioning to a female and the current name she goes by is Mia Bailey.” This information was vital for the public so they could be on the lookout for the suspect. Greensboro police reported that Bailey “wears hairpieces and his hairstyles have changed no less than three times.”

Shortly after, video showed Bailey huddled in a thick mat of weeds as cops busted her Wednesday afternoon. Bailey complied and no physical resistance was used during the arrest.


Bailey was described by the Daily Mail as living at the address where the murders occurred. The residence listed “person(s) other than Bailey also residing” which were “Gail Bailey, 69 and her husband Joseph, 70 — who appear to be Bailey’s parents.”

A source said Bailey was armed with a handgun when he was arrested by Washington City Police Department Lt. However, Bailey was remarkable in that he placed the weapon near the ground before surrendering, which allowed for his firearm to be picked up without any problems. Had officers not cooperated so seamlessly in this case, the situation could have easily become a deadly standoff.

“Hopefully, it is good news,” St. George Police Officer Tiffany Mitchell said. “The suspect is in custody. Everyone is safe. No one else was injured.” The revelation was a relief to the community, which had been rattled by the discovery of the murders.

The investigation is still in progress, and the police are figuring out what the motivation was. With more and more of these incidents, conversations surrounding mental health and support systems for transgender people are increasing.

Additional information will likely be released in the coming days as the investigation continues. For the time being, the arrest of Collin Troy Bailey provides some resolution to a community that was so desperate for answers.

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