Tim Sheehy: Ousting Democrat Senator Is Montana’s Chance To Reshape Senate 

In a spirited conversation with Breitbart News on Saturday, Montana’s Republican U.S. Senate candidate and Navy SEAL veteran, Tim Sheehy, emphasized the pivotal role Montanans can play in “saving the country” by casting their votes to oust Democrat Senator Jon Tester.

The discussion revolved around the critical nature of the upcoming Senate election, and Sheehy was quick to agree with Boyle’s assessment that the balance of power in the Senate could shift with just two Republican victories, leading to tangible improvements in people’s lives.

“I’ve been all over the state of Montana reminding Montanans that. Listen, oftentimes, as a state, we don’t have a whole lot of political power. We’re part of a whole block of states that are commonly referred to as ‘flyover country,’” he said.

“Presidential elections or electoral votes don’t mean a whole lot. Most of our states only have one, maybe two, congressional representatives. But listen, the Senate is this great equalizer, and this cycle for the people of Montana, this seat is probably the most significant political clout this state will ever have for exactly the reasons you’ve just said,” he added.

Sheehy stressed that the stakes were incredibly high, emphasizing, “If we don’t replace Jon Tester, we won’t regain control of the Senate. It’s as straightforward as that.”

He further urged Americans from all corners of the country to take an interest in the Montana Senate race, as it could ultimately determine the balance of power in the Senate, the potential expansion of the Supreme Court, and other crucial matters.

In his words: “So mathematically, it’s a very, very important race for all Americans. And it’s an opportunity for the people in Montana to really save the country.”

Sheehy didn’t spare words in criticizing Tester, highlighting the senator’s unfulfilled 2006 campaign promise to publish a daily list of lobbyists he met with.

“I’m not sure if there was ever an intent to follow through on this, or if it was simply an easy soundbite to get elected in ’06, but bottom line is, as you said, it hasn’t been carried through on. And we shouldn’t be surprised by that. Because that’s the Democrat party in a nutshell right now,” he remarked.

True to Sheehy’s words, Tester vowed in 2016 to publicly post meetings between members of his Senate staff and lobbyists as he contested against Republican incumbent Conrad Burns, who he claimed was a Washington insider tied to lobbyists. 

“I’ll end secret meetings with lobbyists. At the end of every business day, I will post a list of every in-office meeting that I or my staff has had with a lobbyist,” he vowed during his campaign.

Even after the election, he reiterated his support for limiting the influence of lobbyists by posting meetings, saying, “I know that’s tough when it comes to staff and offices this size. But the fact is the people back home need to know who we’re meeting with so that they have the opportunity to put their two bits in too.”

However, history tells a different story. Despite this promise, no staff meetings were ever posted on Tester’s Senate website.

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