Taylor Swift Receives NASTY Criticism – Tennis Star Responds

Taylor Swift

Martina Navratilova recently blasted a columnist for an article on Taylor Swift in which the pop star was placed under the microscope and asked what sort of a role model she is.

The column, titled “Taylor Swift Is Not a Good Role Model,” appeared Thursday in Newsweek and was penned by John Mac Ghilionn. In his article, Ghilionn questioned whether Swift is a good role model as she “remains unmarried and childless” at 34 after being involved with several partners.

“This revolving door of relationships may reflect the normal dating experiences of many young women in today’s world, but it also raises questions about stability, commitment, and even love itself,” the piece read. “Should we encourage young girls to see the ‘Swift standard’ as the norm, something to aspire to? Or should we be promoting something a little more, shall we say, wholesome? Would any loving parent reading this want their daughter to date 12 different men in the span of just a few years? This is not an attack on Swift; it’s a valid question that is worth asking.”

Ghilionn added that it was just as important for men to model better behavior based on the fact they’re looking after their children, saying “the same is equally true for young women.”

Navratilova was not pulling any punches with her response. “A massive pile of misogynistic bull …This guy should be ashamed of himself and I can’t believe he writes for Newsweek…and they printed it. I mean…” she wrote on X.

Swift is currently dating NFL star Travis Kelce, whom she began seeing last summer. It was only recently that the two went public with their relationship after she joined him at a Kansas City Chiefs game last September.

From there, Swift and Kelce have commanded more attention in the sports world as well as pop culture. Kelce was spotted celebrating with the superstar singer on his third Super Bowl title earlier this month, and he has returned the favor by accompanying Swift at her overseas concert tour.

Of course, they are doing very well in their relationship. Swift has arguably added an entirely new segment of Chiefs fans over the past year while dating Kelce.

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