Riley Gaines Blasts San Francisco State For Response To Attack

After being attacked by a violent leftist mob during a speaking event at San Francisco State University, former NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines is calling out one school official for her statement praising the attackers.

During the Turning Point USA event, trans activists attacked Gaines — screaming insults and leftist slogans while surrounding her. She was reportedly hit multiple times by “a man in a dress,” and eventually was forced to barricade herself in a locked room out of fear for her safety. At one point, the activists were heard demanding that Gaines pay them for safe passage out of the building.

San Francisco State University’s Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Jamillah Moore Ed.D. responded to the incident in a letter, where she praised the violent mob for standing strong in the face of “abhorrent” views and claimed that the activists were peaceful.

“Thank you to our students who participated peacefully in Thursday evening’s event. It took tremendous bravery to stand in a challenging space. I am proud of the moments where we listened and asked insightful questions. I am also proud of the moments when our students demonstrated the value of free speech and the right to protest peacefully. These issues do not go away, and these values are very much at our core,” she wrote, adding an offer of counseling to activists who needed to “reflect, process, and begin to heal” from the event.

Gaines responded to Moore’s letter in a tweet, describing the violent mob’s actions and questioning the school’s description of the event as “peaceful.”

“I’m sorry did this just say PEACEFUL,” she asked.

“I was extorted and held for random,” Gaines added. “The protestors demanded I pay them if I wanted to make it home safely. I missed my flight home because I was barricaded in a classroom… We must have different definitions of peaceful.”

The former NCAA swimmer went on to note that if the demonstration had been peaceful, she would have welcomed the protest and would have been happy to have a discussion about their concerns.

“I have no problem with ‘peaceful’ protest,” Gaines wrote. “I actually welcome it. I was grateful to see a diverse crowd in the room during my speech which I expressed multiple times. We had great dialogue and listened to each other. But that ambush was the opposite of peaceful.”

She also addressed Moore directly, sharing a video of proof that the leftist activists were not peaceful.

“@DrJamillahMoore you write this???” Gaines asked. “Do you need more video proof??? Allow me.”

In response to Gaines’ pushback, Moore blocked her on Twitter.

“The woman who released the statement following the riot where I was verbally and physically assaulted at @SFSU (to which she called peaceful) blocked me,” Gaines tweeted. “I guess it’s easier for her to ignore me than to denounce violence against women. She won’t be able to ignore my lawsuit.”

Gaines previously announced her intention to sue the university in response to the incident. While her agent has demanded the students involved be expelled, they have yet to receive any punishment for their actions — despite the fact that police and school officials witnessed the violence.

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