Republicans More Successful In Marriage Than Democrats

Men and women who are Republicans seem to have happier homes than Democrats. A recent study conducted by the Survey Center On American Life had Republican men say they are more satisfied in their relationships than their Democrat counterparts.

Of the Republican supporters surveyed, 48% of men reported that their marriage gives them full satisfaction, while 42% of the women surveyed stated they are “completely satisfied” in their homes.

However, the same is not to be said for Democrat marriages, as only 36% of surveyed Democrat married men said they are “completely satisfied” with their marriage. This is 12% less than the amount of Republican married men happy in their marriages.

Also, only 29% of the Democrat-married women surveyed reported being wholly satisfied with their marriage. This is 13% less than the satisfactory marriages reported by women on the other side of the political aisle.

The reason for the gap in marital satisfaction cannot be far from the fact that Republicans and Democrats approach gender roles differently. While Republicans embrace traditional gender roles and live in peaceful acceptance of their roles as individuals, Democrats mostly kick against them and embrace woke standards that deem gender roles oppressive.

Republicans understand the easiest and most certain path to a loving and fulfilling home is the traditional way. Hence, they give no thought to woke ideologies that seek to overthrow gender norms and make women focus more on their careers than their homes. The result for them is more stable and happy two-parent families, while Democrats have less successful marriages.

Findings like these are not new. As far back as 2015, a study by the Institute for Family Studies found that 67% of Republicans who are married said they were happy in their marriages compared to 60% of the combination of married Democrats and independents.

Beyond marriage, people on the right reportedly have happier lives in general, according to the 2022 American Family Survey, which put 37% of surveyed conservative men as “completely satisfied” with their lives. This is 16% in contrast with 21% of surveyed liberal men who reported complete satisfaction with their lives.

As for women, 31% of conservatives said they are “completely satisfied” with their lives, while 15% of liberals felt that way.


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