Melania Trump’s HUGE Influence Over Former President

Melania Trump

A former Trump White House insider thinks that Melania Trump, as the fourth wife of the ex-president, will “most certainly” influence who her ex-husband chooses for a running mate for 2024.

Trump confidante-turned-ex-staffer on the top-run of the Trump’s GOP list has said: “Mrs. Trump will waste no time voicing her opinion on who she believes is best equipped to be a strong second fiddle to her husband as he battles to rid the White House of the Bidens for good.”

As a matter of fact, Trump would not be the first to allow his wife to have a hand in the selection of his VP. Kate Andersen Brower, in her 2018 book, wrote that Melania advocated for a “clean” and “safe” candidate to be selected as Trump’s running mate during the 2016 election.

Although he and Trump had a rocky relationship after the 2020 presidential election, Trump did choose former Vice President Mike Pence as his running mate for both the 2016 and 2020 elections.

The question still remains who Trump will pick as his 2024 vice presidential nominee with less than five months until the next presidential election. However, a recent report pointed to the former president and former first lady’s relationship with the North Dakota governor and his family.

Whether Melania would campaign for North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum remains to be seen as Trump mulls his vice president pick.

Former First Lady Melania Trump delivers a speech during President Biden’s 2020 inauguration.

Former White House insider told Fox, “There were times when absolutely he would ask for Mrs. Trump’s views on things having to do with how he was being portrayed.”

“She is a lot, in a lot of ways, like Nancy Reagan behind the scenes,” the source continued to say. “While she didn’t appear in public every day, she played roles in many of the decisions that helped us to avoid some of the career ending mistakes that characterized the era, in terms of public perception, trust, and advocacy during the Trump presidency,” the source ended with.

Last week, Trump announced that he has a pretty good idea of who his pick for vice president is. However, his choice isn’t likely to be made public until at least July 15-18.

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