McCarthy Challenges Reporter On Biden’s Impeachment Inquiry

In a recent press encounter, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy stood his ground and questioned an Associated Press reporter’s assertions about the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. 

During the press gaggle, McCarthy confronted the reporter, identified as Farnoush Amiri, about her earlier report claiming that he had initiated the impeachment inquiry “without evidence.” He emphasized that the very essence of an impeachment inquiry is to employ additional investigative tools and powers to address unanswered questions before considering impeachment.

“Are you concerned about all this stuff that was just recently learned?” the lawmaker asked. “Do you have any concern? Have you asked the White House any questions?”

Amiri responded affirmatively, asserting that she had indeed posed questions to the White House.

McCarthy then delved into the heart of the matter, asking whether Amiri believed Biden had lied to the American public about his involvement in his son’s business dealings. Her response was less than definitive, with Amiri stating that she “can’t answer that,” despite McCarthy saying, “Yes or no? It’s alright.”

Pressing further, McCarthy inquired about Biden’s alleged participation in conference calls and dinner meetings with Hunter Biden’s clients. “Do you believe when they said the president went on conference calls? Do you believe that happened?” he asked.

Amiri acknowledged that such claims had been made in official congressional testimony, saying, “That’s what the testimony says, yeah.”

McCarthy continued, questioning whether Amiri believed Hunter Biden’s extravagant lifestyle, reflected in his purchase of a Porsche after receiving $143,000 and the transfer of $3 million from a Russian oligarch to Biden-controlled shell companies, raised concerns. Amiri conceded that these claims had also surfaced during congressional testimony.

Seeking clarity, McCarthy began to ask whether Biden had lied before Amiri interjected, “But is that an impeachable offense? Is lying an impeachable offense?”

In response, McCarthy clarified his stance, stating, “Well, do you want to know? I’m not saying impeachment. All I’m saying is, I would like to know answers to these questions. And the American public would like to know, and that’s what impeachment provides.”

The face-off between the politician and the reporter comes as McCarthy’s decision to direct House committees to open a formal impeachment inquiry into President Biden has sparked debate. 

As he announced the decision on Tuesday, he explained that the probe was aimed at granting House committees the authority to gather all the necessary facts and provide answers to the American public.

The focus of the inquiry revolves around allegations of Biden’s involvement in phone calls with Hunter’s foreign business partners while he served as vice president and the revelation of Hunter’s income from foreign dealings. 

The efforts will be led by House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY), with the support of House Oversight Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Ways & Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith (R-MO).

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