Louisiana Woman Arrested For Stabbing Grandfather Over Shower Request

Police arrested a 22-year-old Louisiana woman named Carrington Harris earlier this week after she allegedly stabbed her own grandfather. The incident occurred in Keithville, Louisiana, during a heated argument that escalated over a simple request.

According to reports from the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office, the altercation took place on a Tuesday when Harris became engaged in a disagreement with her grandparents over her hygiene habits. Sources indicate that Harris’ grandfather had asked her to take a shower, setting off a chain of events that resulted in a violent confrontation.

As emotions escalated, Harris reportedly started causing damage to the property inside the residence. According to multiple sources, she also disconnected the power to the house from outside.

The situation took a grim turn when, according to authorities, Harris used a knife to stab her own grandfather in the face. In an attempt to restrain her, her grandparents had reportedly struggled with her, but she managed to escape their grasp and retrieved a kitchen knife from the kitchen, stabbing the man. She then fled the scene and sought refuge in a nearby wooded area.

Only later was she found hiding behind a neighboring house after police arrived at the home. She was promptly arrested and taken into custody by the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Harris is now facing serious charges having been charged with domestic abuse battery and an additional count of domestic abuse battery with a dangerous weapon. As of now, she remains incarcerated at the Caddo Correctional Center, and no bail has been set for her release as authorities say their investigation into this alarming incident is ongoing. 

It is unclear if Harris has had any previous criminal convictions or whether this is her first rodeo.

As for the victim, Harris’ grandfather was transported to the Willis-Knighton South Medical Center for medical treatment following the attack. Authorities have not disclosed the extent of his injuries or his current condition. His name and age have also not been released.

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