Leftists Implode Over ‘60 Minutes’ Interview With Marjorie Taylor Greene

“60 Minutes” decided to conduct an interview with one of the most prominent members of Congress. That the member was conservative Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) led to wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth on the left.

The discomfort exploded into unbridled panic when Greene told host Lesley Stahl that Democrats “support grooming children.”

A parade that included the mainstream media and liberal Democratic politicians rushed to condemn the network for daring to give airtime to a duly elected member of Congress.

Mitchell Robinson, who serves on the Michigan Board of Education and lists his pronouns on Twitter as “He/Him/His” denounced the interview as “a new low for ‘60 Minutes.’”

NBC reporter Ben Collins slammed MTG for her deriding a Parkland shooting survivor who became a gun control extremist. The journalist asked, “what are we doing here guys?”

Perhaps the proper answer is that CBS was doing their jobs as reporters.

Then came former Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger, who crossed the aisle to serve with the Democrats in the Jan. 6 House persecution of former President Donald Trump. The newly minted mainstream media journalist tweeted that it was “insane that 60 min would do this.”

Another media activist never to be confused with the voice of reason, Elie Mystal, waxed poetic over some who refer to the Georgia congresswoman as MTG.

As the leftist media darling said, “The way you guys say her ‘nickname’ is MTG…as if it’s a cute moniker bestowed by her besties…when her initials are just MTG and her nicknames are ‘Marjorie Three Names’ and ‘Unfrozen Caveman Congresswoman.’”

Actor Bradley Whitford chimed in with the obligatory Hitler reference. He tweeted that Greene “reminds me of a guy we defeated in the 1940s who wasn’t afraid to share his opinions, no matter how intense and in-your-face they were.”

And former Democratic Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell of Florida slammed “60 Minutes” for trying to “equate both sides.” She criticized the network for adding to the nation’s division and normalizing extremism, as if her own party is not home to numerous divisive extremists.

The truth is that liberal Democrats believe they are the only political persuasion deserving of a national media platform. What happened to the concept of a free discourse of ideas put out there so the people may decide issues for themselves?

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