Left-Wing Media Visibly Upset That Biden’s Classified Doc Fiasco Helps Trump

Monday, news broke that classified documents were discovered at the University of Pennsylvania Biden Center from President Joe Biden’s time as vice president, and the talking heads at CNN are not pleased.

On a segment of Anderson Cooper’s show, CNN’s Dana Bash and Audie Cornish were visibly upset when a network contributor said that Biden’s debacle “almost exonerates” former President Donald Trump.

“The political usefulness of this cannot be underscored, cannot be understated … I mean, to give Republicans this talking point, for the rest of their natural lives, almost exonerates Trump,” Jennings opined.

“By the way, everybody in politics is laughing their rear end off tonight that this happened to Joe Biden,” he continued.

“I think classified material ought to be taken care of,” Jennings said, “and I think people who have been all over Donald Trump about this ought to have the wherewithal to be all over Joe Biden, too.”

Cornish, who just barely beat Bash to the punch, responded to Jennings’ statements, deflecting from Biden’s mishandling of documents to suggest it does not exonerate Trump from other areas.

In another roundtable discussion at CNN, the network’s Law Enforcement and Intelligence Analyst, John Miller, concurred with Jennings.

“If you take the pure legalistic out of it and you get into the optics and the politics, what happened here is going to make it almost impossible to charge Donald Trump with any violation of classified documents,” Miller said, with a disappointed look on his face.

“Really?!” one guest exclaimed.

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins said that, in her discussions with Trump allies, she has found that the former president’s legal team also feels that Biden’s fiasco is a win for Trump.

She also noted, like Bash and Cornish above, that Trump’s case is different due to charges of “obstruction” levied against him.

Cornish, who is seemingly working overtime to shill for the Biden administration, made another appearance in the next clip, this time deflecting to Trump’s election suit in Georgia.


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