Lawmaker Says Illegal Border Crossings Are Down Due To Upcoming Mexico Elections

Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX) offered a hint over the weekend regarding a reduction in illegal border crossings into the United States. Speaking during a CBS News’ “Face The Nation” with Margaret Brennan, Gonzeles said that illegal crossings into the U.S. have reduced because politicians in Mexico are looking forward to important elections soon and they want to convince voters of their strength on national security measures.

Gonzales made the assertion when Brennan asked him about the illegal crossing numbers, which remain higher under President Joe Biden’s administration than it was under any president before him.

Gonzales did make sure to point out that the reduction has nothing to do with Biden.

“It doesn’t have to do with what Joe Biden has done. We’re on pace [this year] for 1.3 million people to come over illegally. The numbers are down. The explanation is Mexico. A lot of people don’t realize Mexico has an election next month for its presidency, nine governorships and its congress. So, in many cases, those that are running on security platforms are keeping the numbers down,” Gonzales stated.

“The cartels are like – they are like companies. So they’re taking a loss in Q1 and Q2 in order to increase the volume in Q3 and Q4. So, if any – in many – in many ways, this is just Mexico carrying Biden a couple rounds. Now, if Joe Biden wants to secure this thing long term, I think he needs to stop looking at the Senate for a solution and look to the House,” he added.

Gonzeles went on to criticize Biden’s failure to fix the problem, pointing out that he could fix the problem he caused by supporting H.R.2, a solution Republicans came up with to combat the illegal immigration crisis in the U.S.

Noting that the president has refused to negotiate with Republicans on a solution, Gonzales said that a mere conversation with the GOP-led House over the issue would make a difference.

“The president has not had any real conversations with anyone in the House. The Senate, yes, they’ve sat down, they’ve had these conversations. But, in the House, they’ve given no oxygen to it. This is a different Congress than in years past. The House is where I believe you start, if you truly wanted to solve it,” he stated.

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