Kirk Cameron Nearly Loses Story-Hour Slot To Woke Bias

Kirk Cameron, widely known for using his fame as an actor, writer, and producer to promote his faith, is facing difficulties reaching numerous American children and their families through public libraries. Cameron’s newly released children’s book, “As You Grow,” celebrates family, faith, and biblical wisdom, but more than 50 public libraries have either rejected his requests to schedule public readings of his book or not responded at all.

In a reading scheduled for February 25 at the Hendersonville Public Library in Tennessee, Kirk Cameron, swim champion Riley Gaines and “Duck Dynasty” alum Missy Robertson were all scheduled to speak during a faith-based story hour. But according to Cameron, when library director Allan Morales learned who would be speaking, he wanted to cancel the event. Initially, Morales had approved the faith-based story hour event for Cameron to read his book, “As You Grow,” published by Brave Books.

According to a Brave Books spokesperson, Morales said he did not want a movement coming to his library. Nonetheless, Cameron maintained that the event would proceed as scheduled, stating, “We didn’t know what was going to happen. All we knew was that we had a reservation. We had rented [the room] and got a receipt. And then they tried to push us off and kind of hide us in a little church down the street. We decided that I am not going to ghost hundreds of people at a public library who think I’m going to be there. I told them I would be there so I’m coming, and we will just see what happens.”

Despite facing resistance from the library official, a Brave Books spokesperson stated that Kirk Cameron and his team were warmly welcomed by the community upon their arrival. However, the publisher alleged that the library head and staff treated Cameron’s team terribly.

Cameron later expressed disappointment in the staff’s treatment of him and his colleagues but acknowledged that Morales and his staff’s attempts to turn them away had inadvertently sparked a revival.

Kirk elaborated, “It’s yet another instance of a denial transforming into a revival. It’s heartening to see people gather and oppose the ‘woke and broke’ ideology from infiltrating their town. In a way, I would like to express gratitude to the dissatisfied librarians for unintentionally setting up a local revival for us.”

Cameron explained that attempting to shut down events like his faith-based story hour is a strategic move by the Left. He believes they understand the significance of reaching today’s children as they will be tomorrow’s leaders. This is why Cameron is on his book tour, hoping to touch the hearts and minds of as many children as possible.

Cameron announced that several more stops are scheduled for his book tour this spring, including San Francisco, Washington D.C., and New York City.

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