Kemp: 2020 Election In Georgia Secure And Not Stolen

Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp is firmly denying the allegations made by former President Donald Trump regarding fraud affecting Georgia’s 2020 election. 

“The 2020 election in Georgia was not stolen. For nearly three years now, anyone with evidence of fraud has failed to come forward under oath and prove anything in a court of law,” he maintained.

He went on to assert that Georgia elections are secure, accessible, and fair, and he is committed to maintaining their integrity throughout his tenure as governor.

Kemp’s statement comes in reaction to a post on Trump’s Truth Social platform, where the former president declared that an “irrefutable REPORT” on “Presidential Election Fraud” in Georgia is nearing its conclusion. Trump plans to unveil this report at an upcoming news conference.

“A Large, Complex, Detailed but Irrefutable REPORT on the Presidential Election Fraud which took place in Georgia is almost complete & will be presented by me at a major News Conference at 11:00 A.M. on Monday of next week in Bedminster, New Jersey,” the post read.

“Based on the results of this CONCLUSIVE Report, all charges should be dropped against me & others. There will be a complete EXONERATION! They never went after those that Rigged the Election. They only went after those that fought to find the RIGGERS!” the former president added.

While the official results certified in Georgia show that President Biden emerged victorious in the state, Trump remains steadfast in his belief that the election was marred by fraudulent activities. Trump and several others have, however, been indicted for allegedly trying to manipulate the outcome of Georgia’s 2020 election.

The indictment against Trump and other defendants claims that they “knowingly and willfully joined a conspiracy to unlawfully change the outcome of the election in favor of Trump.” This alleged conspiracy involved multiple instances of racketeering activity, spanning across Fulton County, Georgia, other parts of the state, and even beyond its borders.

Kemp has previously warned Trump to desist from his election fraud claims. In a statement from July, he cautioned that if Trump continues to focus on claims of a stolen election and fails to address the concerns of the American people, he might not secure Georgia’s support in the upcoming November elections. 

“…Quit looking back at the 2020 election. I mean, for goodness sake, that was two-and-a-half, three years ago now. The American people want to know what are you gonna do for me to help me offset the bad policies of Joe Biden,” the Peach State governor stated, suggesting that continued emphasis on past issues could potentially jeopardize Trump’s prospects in Georgia.

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