Jen Psaki Says Trump’s Campaign Is To Help Him Avoid Prison

Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki suggested that former President Donald Trump’s campaign is solely a way to keep him out of prison as he faces multiple felony crimes.

During Sunday’s broadcast of her MSNBC show “Inside with Jen Psaki,” Psaki argued that Trump was not running for president to win as she argued that President Joe Biden’s speech in Normandy, France last week during the commemoration of the 80th anniversary of D-Day shows that his values aligns more with the American people than Trump’s.

According to Psaki, Biden’s speech told American who he was and what he valued.

Despite Psaki’s claims about Biden’s speech, the president has been criticized for giving a speech slightly modified from the late President Ronald Reagan’s address in 1984.

Psaki, however, tried to spin the parroting of Reagan’s remarks as good and intentional.

‘To hear both of them now, side by side, you’d think they’re almost completing each other’s sentences as they speak about the sacrifice of those brave soldiers,” she stated.

She then faced Trump, claiming that running for president in 20204 is about the protection from prosecution he might get after he is elected president again.

“The truth is Trump couldn’t really care less about preserving the values that the U.S. has long stood for. His campaign is not about preserving our freedom, it’s about preserving his own. It’s not about upholding American greatness. It’s about staying out of prison,” she said.

Trump has already been convicted of 34 felony counts related to the falsification of business records in Manhattan. With a standing vow to appeal, his sentencing is scheduled for July.

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