Haley Rips Trump Again Using Chaos Theory

Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley went all out against former President Donald Trump on Monday night during a town hall event in which she said that chaos follows the GOP front runner.

While she admits that Trump “was the right president at the right time” and that a lot of his policies are great to her, she said that chaos follows him.

“…rightly or wrongly, chaos follows him. And you all know I’m right. Chaos follows him,” she stated, repeating points she made during a campaign event in South Carolina in November.

According to her, the United States cannot have the chaos that comes with Trump as a president anymore.

“We can’t be a country in disarray and the world on fire and go through four more years of chaos. We won’t survive it. You don’t fix Democrat chaos with Republican chaos,” she said.

Haley’s remarks came after she was asked by a Fox News host about her previous promise to not run for president if Trump was running.

She defended her change in decision, saying a lot of things had changed since then.

“I will tell you when I said that I would never run against him, we hadn’t had the debacle in Afghanistan. We hadn’t had inflation go through the roof. And we didn’t lose the midterms by ridiculous numbers. And I campaigned for a lot of candidates, House and Senate, and governors races on those. And we were devastated when we lost the midterms,” she said.

She then went on to reveal that she called Trump when she decided to run for president.

According to her, she called to inform him of her decision for two reasons – because it was the right thing to do given that he appointed her as the United States Ambassador to the UN and because she wanted him to know that she was putting her foot in the game to win.

“And I told him then we needed a new generational leader. I told him then we needed to leave the negativity and the baggage behind. And I stand by that,” she went on.

While she is determined to beat him to the race, Haley does not want the defeat to be because he was stripped off of his right to the people’s votes. According to her, she wants to beat him “fair and square” and does not “need anybody throwing him off the ballot to do it.”

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