GOP Rep. Blasts Journalist’s Doubts On Biden’s Corruption

In a fiery exchange at a recent press conference outside the Capitol, Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) didn’t mince his words when addressing a question from a journalist with U.K. Channel 4 Washington as he called out her downplay of President Joe Biden’s corruption. 

Siobhan Kennedy had suggested that Americans “can’t see” evidence justifying President Biden’s impeachment, and Perry, a prominent member of the House Freedom Caucus, swiftly countered that claim and shed light on what he sees as clear signs of corruption within the Biden administration.

The exchange unfolded following Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy’s announcement of a congressional impeachment inquiry into Biden on Tuesday. 

As Perry took the podium, he motioned to Kennedy for one last question, leading her to say, “Can I just ask, what actual evidence do you have as opposed to allegations to show to the American people that would merit an actual impeachment inquiry of Joe Biden, and prove that today isn’t just about –”

Perry interrupted with a hint of sarcasm, “Oh, I don’t know.”

Kennedy pressed on, wondering aloud if McCarthy’s move was driven by “political revenge for the impeachment of Donald Trump.” 

Swiftly silencing her doubts, stated, “This isn’t about political revenge. We have the bank accounts. We can see – ma’am – you can see that the homes that the Bidens own can’t be afforded on a congressional or a Senate salary.”

Laying out the evidence he believes supports the need for an impeachment inquiry, he added, “You also understand that it’s not normal for family members to receive millions of dollars from overseas interests. Those things aren’t normal. That’s not normal to have 20 shell companies. These things are not normal, and it alludes to not only just widespread corruption, but money laundering, if not influence-peddling itself.”

Perry’s passionate response highlights what many Republicans perceive as a glaring issue within the Biden administration – a lack of transparency and accountability. And when Kennedy tried to insist that Americans think the impeachment inquiry is “political revenge,” Perry retorted, saying that the mainstream media doesn’t report on the truth.

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