GOP-Led House Committees Demand Answers From CIA Officials Who Discredited Hunter Biden Laptop

Reps. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Mike Turner (R-OH), heads of the House House Judiciary Committee and House Intelligence Committee, have summoned the 29 CIA officials who were involved in the process of discrediting the Hunter Biden Laptop.

“This request, to include a request for a transcribed interview before the Committees, remains outstanding. These documents and your testimony are necessary to further our oversight. As we begin the 118th Congress, we write again to reiterate our outstanding request and ask that you immediately comply in full,” the lawmakers wrote in the letter.

The House Republican leaders also expressed dissatisfaction that the agents initially ignored the request last April when they first sent it. The lawmakers, however, referenced the earlier letter while urging the officials to reply promptly.

“You have been on notice about our oversight request—and aware the request is outstanding—for months. For your convenience, we have attached the letter from the Judiciary Committee dated April 6, 2022. To date, you have not complied with this request. Accordingly, we reiterate our requests and ask that you comply promptly,” the Republican leaders said.

Emma-Jo Morris had reported through the New York Post that President Joe Biden’s family had benefited from several dealings with foreign nationals while he was a U.S. senator. Morris found evidence of her report on a laptop hard drive belonging to Hunter Biden. The evidence includes secret emails sent back and forth between associates.

However, about 50 Intelligence officials, including the 29 CIA agents, signed a letter discrediting the laptop as Russian Disinformation.

The Biden Family has come under a lot of fire with allegations surrounding the President’s brother and son. The House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY) is also investigating the Biden family. The family is allegedly involved in several crimes involving money laundering and tax evasion.

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