Florida Woman Arrested For Drunk Driving On Beach

After a shocking incident that unfolded at Smyrna Dunes Park in Florida, a 26-year-old Orlando woman named Sarah Ramsammy was apprehended by the police for allegedly driving under the influence and endangering the lives of families enjoying a day at the beach. 

The incident, captured on police body camera footage, showcased the alarming situation that unfolded on May 27.

According to reports from Fox 35, the distressing scene displayed Ramsammy standing on the beach, with her half-submerged blue SUV serving as a testament to the incident that had just occurred. It appeared that she had come dangerously close to running over innocent bystanders, including children, prompting concerned individuals to alert the authorities.

When confronted by law enforcement officers from the Volusia Sheriff’s Office, Ramsammy offered her version of events. In the footage, she can be heard explaining, “I was the driver, and they kinda stopped us, and they said that we almost hit a child. I didn’t think that we did, but that’s what they told us.”

In response, the officers pointed out that driving on that particular section of the beach, where families typically gather to enjoy the sun and sand, is prohibited. They tried to reason with Ramsammy and an unidentified woman accompanying her, explaining the importance of adhering to the rules. 

“People are down here because you can’t drive on this part of the beach,” they sternly told the two women.

Attempting to justify their actions, Ramsammy stated, “We were just trying to turn around, we didn’t think we could do a U-turn around here, so we were just trying to keep going.”

However, the officers were not convinced by the explanation. A Sheriff’s deputy informed Ramsammy that she would be taken into custody for driving under the influence. In the face of this grave accusation, she quickly responded with a simple “OK” and nodded her head in acceptance of the consequences of her actions.

Right there and then, officers proceeded to handcuff her. She has been charged with reckless driving and DUI as police say her Blood Alcohol Content was .153. 

Authorities are likely to release further details in due course as they continue their investigation into the incident.

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