Eric Adams Condemns Antisemitic Incident At Queens School

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has spoken out against the targeting of a Queens teacher who students rioted against after learning that she attended a pro-Israel rally.

Eric denounced the incident, which happened in Hillcrest High School on Monday, as a “vile show of antisemitism” and asserted that such hatred would not be tolerated.

“The vile show of antisemitism at Hillcrest High School was motivated by ignorance-fueled hatred, plain and simple, and it will not be tolerated in any of our schools, let alone anywhere else in our city. We are better than this,” he stated.

“We are better than this,” the mayor further said, revealing that NYC Public Schools has launched a comprehensive investigation to determine how such an event could occur within the school’s walls.

According to the mayor, Project Pivot teams are set to engage with Hillcrest students to educate them about the unacceptability of such behavior.

He then reaffirmed the city’s commitment to safety in its educational institutions, stating, “No student, teacher, or staff member should fear for their safety in our schools.”

That Monday morning, hundreds of teenagers stormed the school’s hallways, waving Palestinian flags and demanding the teacher’s removal with chants of “The teacher) needs to go.” Some of these events were captured on video and shared on TikTok.

The incident forced the school to shut down for two hours and was so heated that the terrified teacher sought refuge inside a locked office while chaos erupted in the hallways, as reported by the New York Post.

The New York Police Department had to deploy several officers to the scene to restore order. As confirmed by City Councilman James Gennaro, the team included officers from the department’s counterterrorism bureau.

Gennaro emphasized the seriousness of the situation, stating, “Whether it was one student or multiple students who did or said something, whatever the trigger was, something happened. And I know from my many years on the City Council that the counterterrorism task force is not engaged unless they believe it is potentially a serious situation.”

“It went from a teacher just changing a photograph on her social profile to this contagion of hate being released in the halls of Hillcrest High School,” the councilman added.

Councilman Robert Holden also expressed his shock, saying, “I don’t know why these students are so misinformed, so intolerant and so radicalized. They don’t even know the history of the Middle East. They haven’t been taught that.”

In response to the incident and the threat she received online, the teacher involved shared her deep concerns, saying, “I have worked hard to be supportive of our entire student body and an advocate for our community, and was shaken to my core by the calls to violence against me that occurred online and outside my classroom last week.”

“No one should ever feel unsafe at school — students and teachers alike,” she went on.

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