Elon Musk: I Bought Twitter To Combat The Woke ‘Mind Virus’

In an interview this week, Elon Musk revealed the driving force behind his decision to purchase X, then known as Twitter. Musk’s motivation, as he explained while speaking with Joe Rogan on “The Joe Rogan Experience,” stemmed from his deep concern that the platform was being weaponized to propagate what he referred to as the woke “mind virus,” which he believes is corroding the fabric of civilization.

Musk’s apprehensions about Twitter’s impact on society are not unfounded. He emphasized that the platform’s headquarters in downtown San Francisco presented a stark reality – a city grappling with a drug use and homelessness crisis. 

Musk described it as a “zombie apocalypse,” underscoring the dire situation that has unfolded in the city. He pondered the philosophy that led to this outcome and concluded that it was being disseminated globally through Twitter, effectively turning it into an “information weapon.”

“It’s crazy. You can’t believe it until you go there. So, you have to say, ‘Well, what philosophy led to that outcome?’ And that philosophy was being piped to Earth. So, you know, a philosophy that would be ordinarily quite niche and geographically constrained so that, that sort of the fallout area would be limited, was effectively given an information weapon, an information technology weapon to propagate what is essentially a mind virus to the rest of Earth. And the outcome of that mind virus is very clear if you walk around the streets of downtown San Francisco. It is the end of civilization,” Musk asserted, alluding to the city’s struggles. 

Musk’s concerns extend beyond the woke “mind virus” itself. He emphasized the importance of censorship in its propagation. According to the billionaire CEO, this ideology lacks the strength to thrive on its own, necessitating the suppression of opposing viewpoints. Under the previous management of the platform, he claimed that censorship was actively practiced, further fueling his determination to take control of the company.

He went on to liken Twitter before he took control to “an arm of government” and a “state publication.” According to him, the platform used to suppress “views that would be considered middle of the road… but certainly anything on the right, I’m not talking far-right, mildly-right, like Republicans were suppressed at ten times the rate of Democrats. That’s because old Twitter was fundamentally controlled by the far-left, completely controlled by the far-left.”

During the nearly three-hour episode, Musk also delved into the topic of cancel culture, pointing out how Joe Rogan has faced numerous attempts at being canceled despite hosting the number one podcast in the world. Musk believes that such efforts to silence voices that do not conform to a specific worldview have far-reaching, negative consequences for society as a whole.

Musk’s revelation comes a little over a year since he purchased Twitter in a $44 billion investment, proclaiming “the bird is freed” and going on to make changes to the platform once headed by co-founder Jack Dorsey. 

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