El Paso Clears Migrant Encampments Ahead of Biden Visit

Large migrant encampments in El Paso, Texas, are being cleared out ahead of President Joe Biden’s visit scheduled for Sunday.

Makeshift homeless camps reportedly fill the El Paso sector due to the influx of illegal immigrants that put local shelters out of capacity. However, when President Biden goes there, he – and the world watching – might not be presented with the true situation of things.

Law enforcement officials told the Washington Examiner that federal Border Patrol agents and local El Paso police officers moved hundreds of people who were camped around the Greyhound Bus Station and Sacred Heart Church.

With the arrival of thousands of illegal immigrants came a spike in crime. “The [community residents] that experienced it on a daily basis were fed up and they made it known,” a senior federal agent stated, adding that crime in the area surged and became a subject of constant complaints for residents.

“Some migrants even took over private parking lots and were charging for people to use them for parking,” he added.

According to the unnamed federal agent, authorities discovered some groups of people camped in El Paso are there unlawfully. Many were reportedly pretending to have been released after being arrested by Border Patrol when in truth, they had never been arrested by Border Patrol.

Another agent backed up the reported increase in complaints of crime. Per the agent, law enforcement has had calls related to stolen property, carjackings, and drug possession and distribution.

“Bunch of illegal stuff going on downtown. Business getting hit financially,” he said.

The second agent revealed that the order to clear the encampments came from the city, not from federal immigration officials.

Per federal agents, most of the migrants that flock around El Paso are from Venezuela. The country is one of the four countries to be allowed entry into the United States under a “humanitarian parole” program.

A policy unveiled by the Biden administration will allow 30,000 people from Venezuela, Haiti, Cuba, and Nicaragua to obtain temporary work and travel directly to the United States. Migrants under this program do not have to declare asylum at the southern border. All they have to do is apply on a mobile app.

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