DeSantis Counters Critique From Senator Scott Regarding Black History Curriculum

In a spirited response to criticism from fellow Republican and primary rival Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) concerning Florida’s newly approved black history curriculum, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis vowed to uphold the truth in the face of leftist lies.

A presidential hopeful, DeSantis emphasized the importance of debunking false narratives that have plagued the nation for far too long.

During a public statement, DeSantis stated, “Part of the reason our country has struggled is because D.C. Republicans all too often accept false narratives… accept lies that are perpetrated by the left. 

“And to accept the lie that Kamala Harris has been perpetrating, even when that has been debunked, that’s not the way you do it. The way you lead is to fight back against the lies, is to speak the truth,” he added.

DeSantis’ statement was in response to allegations made by Scott concerning the new black history program’s standards. Scott had voiced concerns about the curriculum’s inclusion of the statement that slaves “developed skills which, in some instances, could be applied for their personal benefit.”

The senator and GOP presidential candidate argued that as a nation founded upon freedom, slavery represented the greatest deprivation of freedom, and there was no silver lining to such a dark period in history. He went on to emphasize the horrors of slavery, such as separating families, mutilating humans, and even molestation.

Responding to questions about the curriculum requirement during a campaign stop, the GOP presidential aspirant clarified that while he did not personally develop the program, he firmly supports its factual basis. 

“It’s likely showcasing individuals who, having been blacksmiths during slavery, went on to achieve great things,” he explained, attributing the curriculum’s content to scholars rather than politically motivated.

Amid mounting criticism, Florida Department of Education Commissioner Manny Diaz joined in defending the curriculum. Diaz stated that Florida will not be dictated by the federal government in setting education standards, reiterating the state’s commitment to implementing the curriculum “transparently and honestly.”

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