Dem: Mike Johnson, Christian Nationalists Bigger Threats Than al-Qaeda

Democratic strategist James Carville is claiming that Islamic terrorists are less dangerous than “Christian nationalists.” Carville’s comments came as he discussed the beliefs of new U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) during an interview on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

During the interview, Carville asserted that Johnson’s Christian beliefs pose “one of the greatest threats we have today to the United States.”

“I promise you, I know these people,” he claimed.

When host Bill Maher asked, “You’re talking about Christian nationalism?” Carville confirmed, stating, “Absolutely, this is a bigger threat than al-Qaeda to this country.”

Carville went on to explain his perspective, saying, “And let me tell you something: The Speaker of the House, they got probably at least two Supreme Court justices, maybe more, don’t kid yourself. People in the press have no idea who this guy is, how he was formed, what the threat is, and this is a fundamental threat to the United States. It is a fundamental thing. [They] don’t believe in the Constitution. They’ll tell you that. Mike Johnson himself says what is democracy but two wolves and a lamb having lunch? That’s what they really, really, really believe.”

Addressing those who might see his perspective as a concocted hyperbole, Carville added, “And to say, ‘Oh, come on, man. It’s just some crazy s***.’ No, no. They believe that. And they’re coming and they’ve been doing it forever. They’re funded. They’re funded. They’re relentless and, you know, they probably won’t win for a while but they might. And if they do, the whole country blows a gasket.”

In response to Carville’s remarks in the interview, Johnson took to his official government account to express his dismay and call for the Democratic Party to condemn Carville’s statements. Johnson said, “It’s twisted and shameful that a leading Democrat strategist says millions of Christians in America are a greater threat than foreign terrorists who murdered more than 3,000 Americans. The Democratic Party should condemn this. But they won’t.”

In response to Johnson’s tweet, a user wrote, “Yeah, & Carville’s not even left of the Dem Party mainstream. The contempt for Christianity is palpable, so I repeat: why don’t Dem Christians condemn this venom in the strongest terms? You have to be twisted to think wholesome grandmothers are more dangerous than jihadists.”

North Carolina Congress nominee Sandy Smith also weighed in to throw the insinuation back at Democrats. “The radical Democrats are truly sick and twisted. They are the real threat to America!” she tweeted.

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