Dem Lawmaker Says Biden Is The Only Democrat Option To Defeat Trump

Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) said late last week that President Joe Biden is the only Democrat that could beat former President Donald Trump in the 2024 election.

The lawmaker made the assertion on Friday during HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” when host Bill Maher brought up the implications Pennsylvania holds for the presidential election in November.

“Well, I’ve always said that Pennsylvania picks the president and there really is no legitimate path for the president if he doesn’t win. And I really do believe he will win actually, because Trump was able to flip Pennsylvania and that helped deliver his first victory. But Joe Biden carried it in 2020 because you have a he has a really strong connection there to Pennsylvania. And I do believe he will again. But it’s going to be very close,” Fetterman stated.

He then went on to bring Trump’s solid connection in the state, suggesting that it makes him tough to beat.

“And that’s the same conversation I’ve been having with Pennsylvania, that it’s going to be very close because Trump has a strong connection in Pennsylvania and it’s going to be very competitive and all of that. And I’ve also been saying that I don’t think that whole trial is going to be anything meaningful with people have already decided like, hey, that’s my guy. I don’t– we’ll never understand why somebody would say, yeah, I love that, or I want more four years of that. But but, I do believe Joe Biden is going to carry Pennsylvania and he’s going to win,” he said.

When Maher questioned whether Biden is the best candidate the Democratic Party can put forward, Fetterman confirmed that he is the best man for the job considering that he is the only one that has beaten Trump in an election.

“And then, and and I do honestly believe that, he’s actually the only Democrat that could win. And let me just say this,” he continued.

He went on to bring up the Republican presidential primary race in which Trump beat Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis despite his deep pockets and popularity prior to the primaries.

In Fetterman’s words, “Let me just say this. I know that might be provocative. But the last time there was, like, a hot shit, governor, there with $200 million. Thought that he was going to beat Trump. And then Trump threw him in the woodchipper and he finished third in his own state in Florida. And again Trump–.”

“It’s like Trump is pretty tough and that’s who what the Republicans want. And I can’t imagine why he’s still, appealing right now. But Trump has a very–. And I do believe, Joe Biden has that ability to to win. And we have a great, we have a great bench. But I think it’s a very distinct kind of situation right now” he added.

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