Dave McCormick Throws Hat In The Ring For U.S. Senate

In a bold move aimed at bringing much-needed change to the Keystone State, former hedge fund executive and Pennsylvania native Dave McCormick has officially launched his campaign for the U.S. Senate. McCormick’s announcement comes as Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) finds himself in a vulnerable position due to the failures of President Joe Biden.

McCormick, who previously came close to securing the Republican Party’s nomination in 2022 but was narrowly defeated by Dr. Mehmet Oz, is now seizing the opportunity to unseat Casey and bring conservative values back to Pennsylvania.

“I’m thrilled to announce my run to represent the people of Pennsylvania in the United States Senate! This race is a choice between a Pennsylvania success story and a rubberstamp for Biden’s failures. I look forward to earning your vote,” he wrote in a tweet on Wednesday.

At his campaign launch event held at the historic Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh, McCormick wasted no time in outlining the pressing issues facing our nation. He laid the blame squarely on Biden’s doorstep, citing failures that he says have reverberated economically, militarily and spiritually throughout America.

In a straightforward and passionate speech, McCormick drew a sharp contrast with his opponent, labeling Casey as a “rubber stamp” for Biden. He accused Casey of unquestioningly following Biden’s lead, whether it’s on immigration policies, crime prevention, or the fentanyl crisis.

“Rubber stamps leave the southern border open. They expose the people of our state to rising crime and the fentanyl crisis,” McCormick asserted.

The 58-year-old also highlighted some of the key challenges confronting America, including the crisis on the southern border, a decline in manufacturing, rising crime rates, stagnant wages, and skyrocketing inflation.

“We cannot afford to lose sight of our country’s values, culture, and potential,” he declared. 

He went on to emphasize the urgency of the moment, saying, “The hour is late, but our future is bright. But it’s only bright if we elect leaders who: create an economy that works for people who work; defend America from those who weaken us through bad policies, misplaced virtues, and weakness; stand up to China’s aggression; and give people hope, confidence, and faith that the American dream is alive for all.”

McCormick’s roots run deep in Pennsylvania, as he proudly traced his ancestry back to a seventh-generation Pennsylvanian. According to him, his family’s journey to the state began when his “great-great-great-great-great-grandfather immigrated from Ireland and settled in western Pennsylvania in the 1800s.”

His personal story resonates with many Pennsylvanians, as he spoke of his upbringing, education at Bloomsburg Public High School and his dedication to serving his country as a paratrooper in combat during the Iraq War. 

McCormick also shared his experience in working within the highest levels of the federal government and his leadership in a successful Pittsburgh company, which contributed to the creation of hundreds of jobs in Pennsylvania.

Not one to shy away from life’s setbacks, McCormick candidly acknowledged his share of personal and professional failures, from wrestling mat losses to job terminations and electoral defeats. He firmly believes that these experiences have equipped him with valuable lessons to become a stronger leader.

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