Buttigieg Defends Private Jets As Saving Taxpayers’ Money

President Joe Biden’s Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, came to his own defense Thursday over criticism of his utilizing private jets for travel, including to a sporting event in Europe.

On Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” the Democrat brushed aside the environmental impact of his air travel.

He declared that his actions save taxpayers money and are not similar to those of former Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, who resigned under pressure during the Trump administration.

Host Bret Baier asked Buttigieg if it was “environmentally responsible to fly on private government jets when commercial options are available?” The transportation secretary, of course, said it was.

Buttigieg claimed that he considered saving taxpayers money when he chose to fly on the FAA jet assigned to his department. He also said that he flies “a majority of the time in economy class on an airliner, just like everybody else.”

He cited a recent trip to Wisconsin when he said traveling by private jet saved the public $2,000. Referring back to Price, who stepped down under fierce criticism from Democrats for private travel on the government dime, Buttigieg asserted that the former secretary did not save taxpayers’ money.

A firestorm of controversy recently erupted after it was revealed that Buttigieg brought along his husband, Chasten, to a sporting event held last year in the Netherlands. The pair also flew on a private jet.

Baier asked the transportation secretary about this incident and whether the government was reimbursed for the inclusion of a family member on the trip.

Buttigieg incredulously responded, “of course not.” He said he was the leader of the American delegation to the Invictus Games and it was a great honor to attend. He claimed that it is diplomatic protocol for the principal, which was himself, to be accompanied by their spouse.

The environmental “damage” caused by private jet travel was ignored.

Buttigieg and the White House cannot have it both ways. As shrill supporters of climate change warnings, they still insist on private jet travel as both saving taxpayer dollars and not betraying their environmentalist credentials. The irony is painfully obvious.

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