Biden’s Performance Shows How Unfit He is for ANOTHER TERM


After Thursday’s discussion between former President Trump and President Biden, Republicans were jubilant. The GOP was clearly confident after Trump’s performance, hailing it as a “resounding victory” and an unmistakable demonstration of his policy expertise and leadership.


Several public authorities expressed their enthusiasm and support on social media. “President Trump just delivered a knockout punch,” tweeted Senator Ted Cruz. Biden’s leadership and initiatives were shown to be ineffective. Tonight, America witnessed the true leader.” Rep. Jim Jordan also added his voice, saying, “Trump reminded America tonight of what true leadership looks like.” Biden faltered through the discussion, demonstrating his incapacity to lead our country’s problems.”


The debate had a sharp contrast in topics and styles. With an emphasis on national security, economic prosperity, and constitutional rights, Trump presented a clear and strong vision for the future of the United States. He skillfully outlined the administration’s accomplishments, including the strong economy prior to the pandemic, tax breaks for middle-class families, and bold moves that improved America’s reputation abroad.


On the other hand, Biden struggled to defend the record of his administration and came across as agitated and unprepared. Trump successfully brought attention to his mishandling of the economy, growing inflation, and foreign policy errors, especially the disorganized pullout from Afghanistan. Biden’s reliance on pre-written comments and incapacity to give thoughtful answers contributed to the impression that he was inadequate.

Ronna McDaniel, chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, summed up the feelings of many party members when she said, “President Trump won tonight with ease. He demonstrated why America needs his policies in order to turn things around. Biden’s disastrous performance brought attention to the shortcomings and lack of focus of his government.”


“Three things are evident: Trump dominated; Biden is unfit to hold office; those in his inner circle should feel guilty for supporting him; and America was and is better off under his administration. There can’t possibly be a second debate,” South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, who is widely regarded as a candidate on Trump’s VP shortlist, wrote in a post on X, formerly Twitter.


Sen. Katie Britt of Alabama wrote, “I would want to congratulate President Trump on his overwhelming win in tonight’s presidential debate. The Biden-Harris trial was not successful. Biden “offered no answers” on the main issues confronting Americans, according to North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, another potential vice presidential candidate. “It’s time to restore strength to the White House.”


“President Trump made his point very clearly, and his record supports it! “For Donald Trump, this debate was a knockout,” he continued.


RNC Chairman Michael Whatley described Trump’s performance in the debate as “dominant,” adding that Biden “couldn’t even understand the questions.”


Biden’s concluding remarks were ridiculed by another source associated with the RNC, which stated, “Biden ends his disastrous and humiliating debate performance just as he began—rambling incoherently.” Not only is he not using a whole deck when playing, he can’t even locate the deck. wtf!”

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