Actor Tyrese Gibson Calls Out Satanism In Hollywood

Hollywood actor and musician Tyrese Gibson has been making headlines for speaking out about his Christian faith and expressing concerns about spiritual issues within the entertainment industry.

In a candid interview with Big Boy from “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” and Real 92.3 L.A., Gibson did more than discuss his latest movie and album, delving into his frustration with the industry’s promotion of what he called “the devil.”

He started by expressing his discontent with celebrity award shows, stating that they are actively “trying to normalize the devil.” According to him, the devil is prominently featured on the main stage at these events and in music videos, often accompanied by signs and symbols. 

“They [are] going above and beyond to promote the devil, and it’s p***ing me off,” he stated.

Interestingly, Gibson noted that this wasn’t always the case in Hollywood. He claimed that devil-worshippers used to be secretive, confined to basements. However, nowadays, they seem to flaunt their beliefs more openly. 

Big Boy agreed, acknowledging the prevalence of devilish imagery not just at award shows but also on devices like televisions, cellphones, computers and iPads.

For Gibson, the solution to counter the spiritual challenges present in popular culture is rooted in God. He urged Christians to be more vocal about the significance of God in their lives and to treat their relationship with Jesus as more than a casual conversation before bedtime.

According to Gibson, believers should spend their lives in perpetual pursuit of understanding God. “That should be an everlasting hunt…I’m looking as a person who is overwhelmed with what God has decided to put me in and has done over my life, even when I’ve went above and beyond to mess it up myself,” he stated.

The actor then shared a powerful message from God – “I still got you” – before moving on to other topics of discussion including the tragic deaths of actor Paul Walker and director John Singleton, both of whom were parts of the “Fast & Furious” franchise.

Gibson’s interview comes amid concerns that satanic themes and imagery are being glorified in the entertainment industry.

Singer Sam Smith’s devilish performance at the Grammys, Lil Nas X’s provocative music video featuring a lap dance with a devil, and the release of a film titled “Little Demon,” centered around an antichrist child of Satan, are just a few examples of the satanic strategy manifested in the increasingly woke industry.

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