Zelenskyy’s Courage Becomes ‘Global Inspiration’

Volodymyr Zelenskyy is on his way to becoming the modern-day William Wallace, demonstrating courage in ways leaders in 2022 avoid, like truth serum. The Ukrainian president takes to the streets of his capital city even as elite hit squads were en route to enforce Vladimir Putin’s version of term limits.

And the admiration keeps pouring in for the Russian-speaking Ukrainian Jew who was a comedian and actor before taking on the role of his life.

The LA Times, which will never be confused with National Review, asks whether Zelenskyy is becoming Ukraine’s George Washington. Washington, after all, crossed Delaware to face the powerful enemy and President Biden made the same journey last weekend.

Only his crossing was to relax in his man-cave while war rages in Europe.

When Biden offered safe refuge to Zelenskyy, the authentic leader’s response would echo in history. “I need ammunition, not a ride.”

Zelenskyy’s leadership and courage are being forged by fire. To put it mildly, he was an unlikely candidate to lead the Ukrainian nation and many predicted disaster for his fellow citizens after his 2019 landslide victory. After all, what do a comedian and actor know about standing up to tyranny?

Of course, Ronald Reagan was also an actor.

For months leading up to the Russian invasion, Zelenskyy confusingly downplayed Moscow’s military threat, leading to criticism within his country. But since Putin announced his intentions and sent troops and tanks pouring across the border, the Ukrainian president has been the picture of calm inspiration for his fellow citizens. He and his family deserve much credit for not retreating to the safety of a “government-in-exile” or some other nonsense.

Zelenskyy has also become a hero to Jews worldwide, some declaring the Ukrainian president to be a “modern Maccabee.” This distinction carries the great honor of ancient Jewish defenders of their homeland under siege from all sides by a powerful foreign army.

After all, his grandfather fought Nazis in World War Two, and many of his ancestors were killed in the Holocaust, including all three of his grandfather’s brothers.

The admiration by the leftists of Zelenskyy may be short-lived. After all, he is Eastern European, and the scourge of wokeness and liberalism has not taken root there nearly to the level of Western Europe and of course, the US.

Already the professional rabble-rousers are working overtime to find something “racist” about Ukrainians defending themselves against Russian tyranny.

But this brave man’s singular courage and leadership will carry on long after some snowflake inevitably digs up a fault to use against him.