Young Lady With Disability DECIMATES Kamala Harris For Saying People With Disabilities Need To Be ‘Allowed’ In Society

Kamala Harris is seriously on the verge of being the most stupid and awful person. The Vice President of the United States had the nerve to say, and I quote, “We should allow people with disabilities to participate in society fully.” If you do not find anything wrong with her statement, then you are canceled. Since when do the disabled people need the government or anyone else’s permission to participate in society fully?

Kamala, while talking about the Build Back Better, made this statement. She said that “the administration would spend more resources on Build Back Better to allow the disabled into society.” It is a highly elitist, backward, and ugly comment, and if you listen to the video, what makes it more pathetic is that weird cackle in the middle while she says it. 

According to Kamala, there is a need for a constitution to be passed so the disabled can fully participate in society. Still, the last time we checked, there were plenty of people with all disabilities functioning in society without the government or anyone else’s permission. So why the hell is Kamala going around saying such a thing. It seems the only reason Biden decided to keep her by his side is because of her gender and a woman of color.

Of course, we are not the only ones furious at her statement because Zelda Gabriel completely lashed out on her, and we love it. The Boss Lady had a lot to say about who needed her permission to function in society and put her back in her place. We will only say one thing, and the government is not meant to dictate.