Young Americans Embrace Open Marriages In New Survey

In a recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center, young adults, Democrats, LGBTQ+ individuals, and unmarried couples have shown a remarkable openness to the concept of open marriages.

This intriguing survey, conducted between April 10 and 16 and published in September, sheds light on shifting attitudes towards marriage and relationships among the younger generation.

Among the key findings, it is abundantly clear that young adults aged 18 to 29 lead the charge in accepting open marriages, with a resounding 51% expressing their approval. As age advances, support for this alternative approach to matrimony wanes. Only 41% of those aged 30 to 49 find open marriages acceptable, with a mere 26% of the 50 to 64 age group and a scant 15% of those 65 and older in agreement. 

Conversely, a whopping 70% of adults aged 65 and older find open marriages utterly unacceptable.

Overall, across the United States, the concept of open marriages isn’t met with widespread acceptance, with just 33% of respondents deeming it “acceptable.” On the flip side, 50% consider it “unacceptable,” while 16% remain on the fence, declaring it “neither” acceptable nor unacceptable.

Perhaps the most striking support for open marriages comes from the LGBTQ+ community, where an impressive 75% see them as acceptable. In contrast, only 29% of heterosexual individuals share this view.

Interestingly, individuals who cohabit with their partners without marriage and those who have never tied the knot are among the most accepting groups, with 56% and 47% respectively embracing open marriages. In contrast, 57% of married adults and 61% of divorced, separated, or widowed adults find open marriages “unacceptable.”

A clear divide emerges along political lines as well. Democrats displayed greater openness to the idea of open marriages, with 47% expressing approval compared to just 20% of Republicans.

Delving deeper into the political spectrum, Democrats themselves hold mixed views, with 47% finding open marriages acceptable and 36% finding them unacceptable. Predictably, conservative Republicans stand out as the most ardent critics, with a resounding 74% declaring open marriages unacceptable. 

On the other end of the spectrum, liberal Democrats are the most likely to embrace the concept, with 63% expressing their approval.

The Pew Research Center’s survey underscores the evolving landscape of relationships in America, indicating a changing social landscape where traditional notions of matrimony are being challenged and reimagined.