Woke Democratic Rep. John Bucy Evades Defining ‘Woman’

A fiery debate recently erupted on the floor of the Texas State Legislature as Democratic and Republican lawmakers clashed over the definition of the term “woman.” In a contentious exchange, Rep. John Bucy (D-TX) faced intense questioning from Rep. Matt Schaefer (R-TX) over a simple question – What is a woman?

Rather than provide a precise definition, Bucy offered a circular response, stating that when someone identifies as a woman, he accepts their self-identification. He emphasized the importance of trusting individuals to define their own gender identity as opposed to defining them based on biological distinctions.

Not satisfied with Bucy’s response, Schaefer persisted in his pursuit of a clearer definition. He challenged Bucy to provide an answer without using the term itself, pointing out that repeating “a woman is a woman” did not constitute a definition.

Bucy, undeterred, stood firm in his position, reiterating that he relies on individuals to inform him of their gender identity. He emphasized that it is not his place to question or define someone’s gender, stating that he trusts his fellow lawmakers on the floor to disclose their gender if they choose to do so.

Video of the exchange quickly gained attention on social media platforms, with critics swiftly voicing their concerns over the ambiguity of Bucy’s response. They argue that evasiveness on such a fundamental issue exposes a lack of clarity within the Democratic Party’s stance on gender identity. 

Taking to Twitter, Mayor John Huffman of Southlake, Texas expressed his amusement at the contortions made to avoid a direct answer. Huffman suggested that Bucy’s hesitancy stemmed from a fear of the influence wielded by extreme transgender ideologies the left holds dear.

“This Dem rep knows exactly what a woman is – but he can’t say it b/c he’a scared of the trans ideologues in his base. Come on, my guy. A political party that can’t define a woman isn’t one worth being in,” the mayor wrote.

Some other users echoed Huffman’s sentiment, laughing off the notion that progressives believe that a person’s gender identity should be accepted solely based on their self-declaration, disregarding the biological truth.

While the left grapples with defining gender outside biological distinctions, the right seems to be making strides in the Texas House. Just before the video surfaced, the Texas House on May 15 approved legislation banning gender-affirming care for transgender minors.