With Ten Thousand Americans Still In Afghanistan, Biden’s Nightmare Is Far From Over

As the Taliban claim Kabul in just two days, Biden faces a nightmare of complete failure and chaos. As the US withdrew from Afghanistan, the Taliban swiftly took over much of Afghanistan without retaliation from the Afghan forces. As they moved to Kabul of what was anticipated by the US would take them 90 days to take over, they did in just two days leaving Biden under immense pressure to have the US Embassy evacuated and safely transport the Diplomats back to America. But, the American citizens residing in and around Kabul were forgotten entirely and live in hiding, fearing their lives as Taliban militants roam the streets.

According to the Pentagon, there are currently 5,000 to 10,000 US citizens left behind in Afghanistan. As US military helicopters take off, there are no signs of those citizens being taken back. It seems as if Biden and the military have no plans to evacuate them. If they are left behind, the citizens can become the bargaining tools for the Taliban’s against the US. They will be able to utilize 5,000 to 10,000 Mark Frerichs against them. With the fall of the government and civil society, the Taliban can use them to gain power and authority and override the state system entirely, just like the Iranians did after the fall of their Shah.

The White House did not have an orderly plan to conduct the withdrawal and evacuate the embassy, let alone evacuate the 5000 to 10,000 citizens involving journalists, aid workers, contractors, etc., who came to Afghanistan. It probably didn’t even occur to Biden to pre-plan this strategy, and this disgraceful failure will turn into a nightmare for Biden.

Eventually, somebody will blame it as political allies run to save their face, and the opposition drags him for incompetence. The entire administration is just hanging by a threat, and Biden is searching for a lamb to sacrifice.