“Why Would I Tell You That Now?”: Pelosi Balks At Question About Plans To Run For Re-Election

During a Sunday morning interview with CNN anchor Jake Tapper, Pelosi completely stonewalled him and refused to answer his repeated inquiries of whether she would be interested in running for re-election. She shrugged him off each time he asked her and finally stated that she would be discussing the matter with her family before anyone else.

Mentioning the filibuster and Biden’s willingness expressed in Town Hall with Anderson Cooper regarding supporting a carve-out that would pave the way for a new kind of voting rights act to form that would bypass the 60 vote limit and prevent a Republican filibuster. It prompted a reply from Pelosi regarding the importance of passing the new voting rights bill and how Mitch McConnell used the filibuster during Trump’s Administration to benefit the Republicans. So while Tapper asked Pelosi if she was on board with the voting rights bill, she replied that she was entirely onboard and the most crucial vote. It is what prompted Tapper to ask the following question about Pelosi’s intentions to run for re-election.

Tapper asked Pelosi that she was leading the way and intended to run for re-election. Though the question was very abrupt, Pelosi was clever enough to deflect it each time and refused to answer even after Tapper continued to press upon the topic. Though he finally had to insist on insisting too much when Pelosi said she would discuss the matter with her family first before disclosing any intentions. They should end with Tapper congratulating Pelosi for the legislation. Though many Americans might be wondering at this point about the real intentions regarding the re-elections of the entire democratic party, Pelosi is one person we do not want to see again.