Why Is Joe Biden Still Hiding From The Media?

People have become accustomed to Joe Biden retreating from public scrutiny after spending a year running for president from his basement. According to those on the right, Biden’s campaign strategists took advantage of the epidemic to keep him out of the public spotlight so voters wouldn’t see the full degree of his deteriorating mental acuity.

According to new research that records presidential press briefings, President Joe Biden is the least accessible president since Ronald Reagan. The American Presidency Project at the University of Santa Barbara did the research.

Since entering office on November 20, Joe Biden has held nine news conferences, an average of less than one per month. Donald Trump, his predecessor, was significantly more approachable, giving 21 news conferences in his first year in office. Despite unprecedented inflation, the border issue, high gas costs, record crime, and a continuing epidemic, it has been the case.

The recent media coverage of Joe Biden has been disproportionately hostile. He claims that voters delivered a clear (and unfavorable) message to the Biden Administration and the Democratic Party in the November elections. However, voters do not provide unambiguous statements. Observers create whatever “clarity” is subject to distortion. Even when the president is popular, voters frequently vote against the in-party in midterm elections.

But Democrats were exceptionally unified and productive in November. It shows that some people have been misinformed all along. Biden’s lower approval ratings produce negative publicity because everything is read with the president’s unpopularity in mind when he is in office. Because of his unpopularity, Donald Trump’s media coverage may have been particularly terrible. According to the news, he gained popularity. His coverage will increase, much as it did for Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton in the 1980s and 1990s when their popularity was low.