What’s Stalling The Supreme Court Leak Investigation?

Sometimes government investigations are more equal than others. The Democrats’ insistence on a January 6 investigation does not carry over into the same dedication to find the Supreme Court leaker.

The leaker of last year’s Dobbs Supreme Court decision has not been found. The leak revealed the Supreme Court’s intention to overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade abortion ruling.

The disconnect between the January 6th and Supreme Court leaker probes is jarring. It’s also why members of Congress are asking why there is such a big difference between the two.

After all, if Democrats are so concerned about the integrity of our government, they should join with Republicans to find the leaker.

The leak of information to Politico showed an unusual level of access to the inner workings of the Supreme Court. This breach of conduct led to a series of protests across the country. Even worse, the identity of the leaker has not yet been found.

The effort within the Supreme Court to find the leaker led nowhere. This investigation did interview the justices themselves, but it is unclear just how far it went.

The Supreme Court says that it will still try to find the leaker, but even this seems less likely now that the first investigation is over. This means that it will be up to congress to use its power to continue the search.

Republicans in Congress have been on the issue, but since the G.O.P. controls the House of Representatives and Democrats control the Senate, how far will it go? Chances are, the House Republicans will put a lot of effort into finding the leaker, only to be blocked or delayed by the Democrats.

All of this may seem like good news for Joe Biden. The president is able to have the leaker’s identity stay a secret. It would be just one more scandal for him to tackle.

Hopefully, the Congressional investigation will go far to find the true leaker. And when that day comes, we’ll be writing about it.