‘We Will Not Be Silenced’: Parents Slam Biden Regime’s ‘War’ On School Board Protest

National School Boards Association and Attorney General Merrick Garland responded to parents and grandparents who have been vocal in their opposition to “woke” curricula and mask requirements. The “mama bear” moms and dads who spoke at school board meetings are enraged that they were essentially labeled terrorists, as is customary.

In an open letter to the Department of Justice, Parents Defending Education called on the government to reconsider its policy of “mobilizing” against parents who stand up for their children during school board meetings. Nomani’s organization has a form to reply to the Justice Department’s letter from October 4th. It claims it is an attempt to “intimidate dissident views” in the education discussion.

According to Education Secretary Julian Zelizer, the FBI will look into “threats against school administrators, board members, instructors, and employees.” He told the FBI to convene meetings with the U.S. Attorney’s offices and federal, state, and local leaders to discuss threats against school officials. According to Nomani, Garland had declared a “declaration of war” against parents, who didn’t describe what he feels deserves an inquiry.

Critics of Critical Race Theory, or CRT, claim that the administration believes constitutional advocates are “dangerous.” Because she supports the Constitution, a parent in Virginia says she feels like she looks like a “domestic terrorist.” “Americans who believe in the #Constitutions are dangerous,” argues Carol M. Swain, a former Vanderbilt professor.

Moreover, Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco was questioned by Senators Tom Cotton and Josh Hawley regarding Attorney General Garland’s memo. Cotton referenced a letter from the National School Boards Association (NSBA) requesting that the FBI, Homeland Security, Justice, and Education enact procedures like the PATRIOT Act in response to threats against public school leaders. Monaco vehemently rejected any link between the memo and the letter.

According to the reporters, Attorney General Josh Hawley asked a question, “What do those phrases imply in the context of a local school board meeting.” According to Monaco, Hawley’s accusations that the Justice Department employs the FBI to meddle in school board meetings have “no basis.”