WATCH: Phil Robertson’s pro-America speech brings down the house at Trump rally

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During a “Keep America Great” campaign rally on Wednesday, BlazeTV’s Phil and Willie Robertson, of former “Duck Dynasty” fame, joined President Donald Trump on stage in their home state of Louisiana. In about 15-seconds, Phil was able to bring down the house with his simple but potent speech.”I got it down to this, if you’re pro-God and pro-America and pro-gun and pro-duck hunting — that’s all I want,”

Phil said, to thunderous applause.

In the clip below, Phil expounds on his continued support for President Trump.

“I’ve watched him for 500 days,” he said. “And you know what? He’s on the right track — say what you will — even with his faults. And if you think you’re going to get a president of the United States without faults, here’s a news flash: All have sinned, including you, including Mr. Trump. We’re all sinful men and women. So, instead of attacking each other all the time, why don’t we come up with something profound? Why don’t we try a big dose of forgiveness and love for each other?”

Phil Robertson's 15-Second Speech Brings House Down at Trump Rally

It's pretty simple: If you’re pro-God, & pro-America, & pro-gun, & pro-duck hunting — that’s all I want!

Posted by In the Woods with Phil on Thursday, November 7, 2019