Washington Post: Joe Biden Lured Poor Haitians, Then Deported Them

Thousands of Haitians entering through the Southern Border in Del Rio have been rendered destitute and forcefully deported after Biden opened the border to them. They risked their lives and spent money to get to Del Rio, only to live in awful situations and be stuffed into airplanes to places not disclosed to them until after landing. Whatever happened to America being the land of immigrants and respecting immigrants’ dignity.

The Post managed to interview several Haitians, and one of them stated clearly, ‘Biden called us,’ and then, ‘Biden betrayed us.’ These migrants spent their hard-earned money and stable jobs to get to De Rio in hopes of a better future. Still, Biden officials rejected entry to one in three migrants after the vast and unusual migration received the spotlight. The Haitians interviewed in Haiti, Texas and Mexico revealed that they had expected to be granted entry into the US as rumors reached them through social media, messaging apps, and phone calls regarding the inconsistent border policies and the asylum and relief facilities.

Though they received the welcome they had expected until August, about 90% of Haitians were processed to avail asylum, but as the situation started getting out of hand, the drastic step taken by Biden shook the immigrants at the border. And not to forget, migration is opposed by most Americans as it makes them poor. The channels through which migration creates economic avenues for people are vast, and the citizens of the migrant-receiving country hardly benefit.

Alejandro Mayorkas, an immigration zealot, currently running the Homeland Security Department, allowed entry to almost all immigrants entering the country, which created hope for the migrants heading towards the border. But that created a wave of thousands of immigrants entering each day which was too big to hide from the public. The entire broadcast led to a dip in Biden’s poll ratings as it reminded the people why they had voted for Trump in 2016. To save his face, Mayorkas initiated the airlift of 5000 Haitians, letting go of his claims of ‘Nation of Immigrants.’

The interviews conducted with these immigrants reveal disturbing and traumatizing events they had to go through to get to the border. Neither Mayorkas nor anyone else from the Administration is ready to take responsibility or make a statement regarding the drastic policy shift. Maybe this is how Biden solves the problems by completely forgetting about his motto.