Visa Just Opened Pandora’s Box

Earlier this month, Visa joined Mastercard and American Express in opting to create a new code for categorizing gun purchases. This decision followed after the gun control lobby and various Democratic leaders pressured credit card companies into taking this action.

The argument being made is that by tagging “suspicious” amounts of legal gun purchases, this will somehow stop mass shootings. Many Americans are skeptical of this and warn the gun control lobby is doing everything it can to chip away at gun rights.

However, since Visa made this call, more conversations are being had about how this essentially creates a nationwide gun registry.

The Gravity of Tracking Gun Purchases Made With Credit Cards
Multiple groups that support the right to bear arms warn that Visa essentially did the job of Democrats in putting together a registry of Americans who own guns. Historically, gun registries have eventually led to confiscation.

This, too, is another factor pro-Second Amendment groups are warning about. To this day, the gun control movement has never once announced what it believes would constitute a fair amount of restrictions on guns and gun ownership.

Now, organizations like the National Rifle Association and Gun Owners of America aren’t hesitating to stress the gravity of what credit card companies have agreed to.

According to the National Rifle Association, this new categorization of firearms purchases has nothing to do with preventing mass shootings or saving lives.

Gun Owners of America likewise pointed out the actions of the gun control movement via credit card companies infringes on people’s privacy rights and opens the door to even more surveillance.

Other warnings from Gun Owners of America states that potentially all purchases of guns and ammunition could be flagged by credit card companies, due to this new categorization system.

Buckle Up, America
The sad reality is that the anti-gun lobby has been emboldened by the decision of Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. They’re openly celebrating the move on social media and saying it’s a win.

Therefore, Americans should be fully prepared for gun control advocates to push for even more anti-Second Amendment measures that go beyond a national registry.

The endgame of gun control is ultimately to prevent Americans from buying, selling, or owning firearms. In most cases, anti-gun activists claim otherwise in public. Though every now and then, the gun control movement lets its true intentions slip.