Video Of HHS’ Rachel Levine Is Yet Another Example Of Big Government Using Big Tech To Control Public Thought

The ball of censorship yarn keeps unraveling for the Biden administration and the U.S. government as their agendas come to light on controlling public thought and dialogue.

A video of Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services Assistant Secretary Rachel Levine surfaced on Monday that revealed more examples of government thought control through social media censorship.

In the recently surfaced video, Levine — a biological male who transitioned in 2011 — was addressing the Federation of State Medical Boards in New Orleans via zoom. The zoom address occurred in May of 2022, but the video has recently gained traction across social platforms.

She prefaced her main talking point — trans identity — by telling the group of doctors that health professionals had a critical role to play in addressing health misinformation. She suggested that COVID-19 misinformation needed to be addressed, but that health professional’s roles were not limited to COVID-19:

“So I’d like to talk briefly about another area of substantial misinformation that is directly impacting health equity in our nation, and as the health equity of sexual and gender minorities. There is substantial misinformation about gender-affirming care for transgender and gender-diverse individuals,” Levine told the board.

She argued that the “onslaught of anti-LGBTQ actions” in the U.S. are dangerous to public health and in a blatant lie, stated the positive value of gender-affirming care is not in scientific or medical dispute.

Her suggestion? Use the power of the medical community to advocate for Big Tech to censor and suppress opposing viewpoints:

“So we all need to work together to get our voices out in the front line. We need to get our voices in the public eye. And we know how effective our medical community can be talking to communities, whether it’s at town halls, schools, or conversations with others, and we need to use our clinicians’ voice to collectively advocate for tech companies to create a healthier, cleaner information environment,” Levine said.

Levine acknowledged that at this point in history, there’s a challenge for public trust in leaders but added it’s the healthcare and medical community that still holds trust. To which she implored the board, “we have to utilize that, and utilize it effectively.”

Despite Levine’s push to not only allow, but also advocate for irreversible youth gender transitioning, she has publicly stated she has no regrets that she didn’t transition until later in life because she was able to have kids — hypocrisy at its finest.