Video: Naked Hunter Biden Tells Prostitute Russians Stole One Of His Laptops And Could Use For Blackmail

A video recently unearthed by Daily Mail shows an alarming clip of Hunter Biden talking to a prostitute while entirely naked. And that’s not even the worst part, and what he was recorded saying to the prostitute is more problematic. According to the video, Hunter told the prostitute that he had left one of his laptops for repair at the shop, but Russian drug dealers stole it, and now they are using it against him. He also mentioned that the laptop contained videos of him having some crazy ‘s*x.’

Daily Mail leaked the entire conversation, but surprisingly, it has not received as much media attention as one would’ve expected. Such a scandal against one of the state’s leading attorneys and that too the son of President Joe Biden is hard to miss. But also an example of the politicized biases. Had it been Trump Junior instead of Hunter, the whole country would’ve heard about it by now, considering the baseless attempts of the media previously, associating former President Trump with Russian connections for four years.

Now to the real question, if Hunter’s laptop was stolen by the Russian Drug dealers and is being used by them to blackmail the Biden’s, it could be that Biden is under significant pressure, considering the cancellation of the pipeline sidelining his stances. This video explains just Hunter Biden’s horrible slip-ups. Who knows what other fuckups of him are yet to unravel, but one thing is for sure, as long as Biden remains in the White House, the corrupt media will continue to collude with him and save his face by any means possible.