Venezuela’s Maduro Has Beef With Leftist Chilean President Boric

Venezuelan socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro lambasted leftist politicians who have called him a dictator when speaking at the Sao Paulo Forum Friday.

The event is intended to unite the policies of left-wing leaders in Latin America and was hosted in Venezuela’s capital, per Breitbart News.

Maduro said in Spanish that the forum “represents the hope” of the “forces, movements, groups, and political parties of Latin America, the Caribbean, and the world.”

“There are those who accuse us of being dictators. I understand that Sebastián Piñera [former president of Chile] does it, I understand that Jair Bolsonaro accuses me, I understand that fascism accuses us,” Maduro said. “But, from the left, whoever tries to accuse us will have to sit face to face with us to debate the truth of Venezuela.”

The Venezuela dictator challenged his leftist critics to debate him “face-to-face” about the “democratic truth” of his country’s regime.

Maduro later reportedly questioned far-left Chilean President Gabriel Boric for his “lack of leadership” and of running a “repudiated” government that has “more than 2,000 political prisoners.”

“In Venezuela, unlike Chile — unfortunately, I have to say it, with pain for Chile, with pain for the people of [Salvador] Allende, with pain for more than 2,000 young political prisoners who are still in jail,” Maduro claimed. “I have to say it, that in Venezuela a people arose, in Venezuela a leader arose, in Venezuela, a project arose, and in Venezuela that project, that people, became a Constituent Assembly and later became a victorious founding Constitution of a new republic.”

Boric has likewise attacked the government of Venezuela; the Chilean president blasted the nation in September during the 77th Session of the United Nations General Assembly.

“So it really pisses me off when you are from the left, so you condemn the violation of human rights in, I don’t know, Yemen or El Salvador, but you cannot talk about Venezuela or Nicaragua,” Boric said at an event held in New York’s Columbia University.