US and EU Officials Say Fearful Putin Advisors Feeding Him Bad Intelligence

According to the U.S. intelligence community, Russian President Vladimir Putin is conducting a war with faulty intel, and it’s because of advisers who are scared to tell him the truth. The U.S. intelligence officials, who up until now have been extremely trustworthy, have claimed that Putin is completely confused about the situation in Ukraine due to this faulty intelligence — faulty intelligence can be extremely pernicious.

The declassified findings say Putin knows his information is faulty, and White House communications director Kate Bedingfield said the administration released the findings to show the Ukraine invasion has been “a strategic error for Russia.” And, as energy costs continue to crush Americans and the petrodollar now faces an existential crisis, it is abundantly clear that it is Putin who has miscalculated.

Bedingfield added that Putin feels misled by the Russian military, with the result being constant, persistent tension between the president and his subordinates.

Kremlin officials quickly denied the reports as a “total misunderstanding” of the situation in Moscow. The Kremlin’s chief spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said the West doesn’t know “how decisions are made” and doesn’t understand “the style of our work.”

British intelligence reports say that, not only is Putin being shielded from the full impact of the sanctions on his economy, but Russian troops have become demoralized, lacking basic equipment and refusing to carry out orders — yet, it seems that some are still carrying out the occupation of the Donbas region.

EU diplomats report that Russian conscripts were led to believe they were taking part in exercises before having to sign on to extend their duties before the invasion. Once in Ukraine, they faced “old Ukrainian women who looked like their grandmothers yelling at them to go home.”

In another sign that the invasion is not going as hoped, Putin ordered the drafting of almost 135,000 men not already in the military or reserves. The draft will continue from April 1 to July 15. And one has to wonder, as Russian troops consolidate in the newly recognized — by Russia — Luhansk and Donetsk republics, who is this large number of troops meant to fight?

The invaders now claim they have moved on to a new phase of the “special military operation.” With so much disinformation, we’ll have to wait and see where things are when the dust settles.