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Ron Paul Issues Warning Over Vaccine Passports

Ron Paul Issues Warning Over Vaccine Passports

(UnitedVoice.com) – Americans have given up many of their freedoms over the last year. They’ve been forced to wear masks, endure lockdowns, stay away from family and to bend to other restrictive policies. Senator Rand Paul’s (R-KY) father, Ron Paul, recently spoke out about all of the losses and wondered if a new push would finally wake people up.

On April 5, Ron Paul talked about the idea of vaccine passports and said they might be what makes “people finally wake up.” These “passports” would force people to hand over their private health information, in this case whether they received a COVID-19 vaccine, in order to enter venues. The former congressman said he wouldn’t “put up with a passport identifier” because it “solidifies” the idea that the government owns our lives.

Paul went on to say that if people allow their freedoms to continue to be taken away, it will be “bad.” Everyone needs to speak out to prevent it from happening.

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