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Clarence Thomas Issues Blistering Dissent Against Social Media Censorship

Clarence Thomas Issues Blistering Dissent Against Social Media Censorship

(UnitedVoice.com) – Former President Donald Trump was the victim of a lot of hate from the Left while he was a Twitter user. It was so bad he would have to block people periodically. A group of those people sued Trump and a lower court ruled that he must unblock them. The Trump team appealed and on April 5, the Supreme Court dismissed the lawsuit entirely because he’s currently banned from social media. However, Justice Clarence Thomas took that opportunity to weigh in on social media censorship in a powerful dissent.

The justice said that the power social media companies hold is “unprecedented.” He said the court will soon have “no choice but to address” how the law applies to “highly concentrated, privately owned information infrastructure.” Thomas went on to suggest that Big Tech might not even be legally allowed to regulate speech because they’re like “places of public accommodation.”

Thomas essentially made the argument for those who believe tech companies need more regulation. They could use the dissent to craft legislation that holds them accountable and prevents Americans from being silenced.

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