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Biden Administration Under Fire For Racist Comments Targeting Conservatives

Biden Administration Under Fire For Racist Comments Targeting Conservatives

(UnitedVoice.com) – Democrats often accuse Republicans of being racist. It was their favorite theme throughout former President Donald Trump’s administration. Now the script has flipped and the Biden administration is being called out for racially insensitive comments.

On Monday, April 12, Press Secretary Jen Psaki claimed that several rural states, including Mississippi, Ohio and Oklahoma, have a relatively low vaccination rate. A reporter asked if the president has been in touch with the governors of those states. The press secretary said they were using “local messengers,” allocating money to those areas to target white evangelicals. Then Psaki stated they’ve run public service announcements “on the ‘Deadliest Catch’” and also they’ve spoken to “NASCAR and Country Music TV.”

The Federalist Papers pointed out the absurdity of her comment, calling it “incredibly derogatory.” It’s akin to saying the White House only advertised the vaccine program on Mario Lopez’s show and Dora the Explorer cartoons because that’s what Hispanic people might watch. If a Republican said something like that, the Left would be after their job, but Psaki is still employed.

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