United States Has A ‘Disgraceful’ History Of ‘Interfering’ In Ukraine

The United States has a long history of intervening in Ukraine, a weak post-Soviet state that is so corrupt that it cannot join NATO and has toxic internal politics. Outside powers have treated Ukraine like a cat’s toy for years, and the US is no new to foreign meddling in its affairs. Russia is attempting to resurrect its former Soviet empire, and Ukraine is now sighted.

“The Obama Administration’s intervention in Ukrainian politics was stunning,” argues Ted Galen Carpenter of the CATO Institute. They have come to this remark on Ukraine from Vasily Nebenzya, Russia’s permanent representative to the United Nations, as the Biden Administration fails to settle the ongoing problem of Russian forces on Ukraine’s border. It is more believable than those made by Linda Thomas-Greenfield, a US diplomat who has served as Ukraine’s ambassador since 2009.

Moreover, Russia’s UN envoy accused the US of destabilizing Ukraine by installing “nationalists, radicals, Russophobes, and genuine Nazis” in the country. He said that the US was behind the 2014 change in Ukraine, which ousted a pro-Moscow Administration. “Everyone knows what happened to that nation,” he continued, comparing it to what happened to his own.

What happened was that Victoria Nuland, the Obama Administration’s assistant secretary of state, and Geoffrey Pyatt manipulated the political situation in Ukraine. Interlopers from the United States, including Senator John McCain, pushed anti-government protesters in Kyiv in December 2013 to pull Ukraine into the orbit of the West. Their goal was to depose President Viktor Yanukovych, whose transgression was advocating a realistic partnership between Russia and the West.

According to the reports, the Debate on Washington’s policies toward Ukraine and Russia was discouraged, as has become the norm in the US media. The party’s message said that Putin was evil and that Ukraine needed to shift to the West, with a government that would accept the Diktat. Russian forces entering central Ukraine, “much alone attacking Poland or the Baltic States,” she claims, are “ridiculous Western dreams.”

It is wondered why members of Congress didn’t question John McCain about his trip to Ukraine, where he aided anti-government protesters. The forces of un-democracy in this country have no qualms about intervening in the domestic affairs of other countries. But the question is where the Republican leaders who are hypocritically denouncing foreign policy are?